Visual Sirens: Collections of Final Warnings” Evokes Emotion at Saint Kate

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Saint Kate’s newest exhibition, “Visual Sirens: Collections of Final Warnings,” features the work of eight artists who have endured life through several wars, political upheavals, environmental catastrophes, racial divides, genocides, ethnocides, civil wars and a global pandemic. Each piece showcases the emotion and challenges these events can have on a person and the community surrounding them, while also illustrating the resiliency and hope for the future as the artist persists in keeping their culture alive.

Co-curated by Samantha Timm, curator at Saint Kate, and Milwaukee-based artist David Najib Kasir, the exhibition features paintings, sculptures and installation works that consider positive cultural innovations alongside their historical and contemporary cultural destruction. Guests viewing the exhibition are inspired and challenged with different perspectives as they take in every piece.

“While drowning in ‘alternative facts,’ I wanted to show and create work that tells the truth,” said Kasir. “The power is always in the truth. We could easily throw away where we come from and start over; these artists are choosing to symbolize their cultural heritage while also changing the landscape and narrative of what it means to live in each of their cultures today.”

Artists whose works are on display in the “Visual Sirens: Collections of Final Warnings” exhibition, include: David Najib Kasir, Waldek Dynerman, Valaria Tatera, Assaf Evron, SaraNoa Mark, Samuel Youssef, Nadia Khallouki and Bahar Sabzevari.

The “Visual Sirens: Collections of Final Warnings” exhibition is located in the AIR Space and The Space at Saint Kate through January 23, 2022 where guests can explore it firsthand on their own or with intimate tours offered weekly. There will also be an artist panel with David Najib Kasir and Assaf Evron on November 13 from 5:30 – 7 PM. The panel will allow guests to get to know the artists and inquire on the exhibition’s concepts as they further immerse themselves in the emotive and thought-provoking exhibition.

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