Our Collaborators

Saint Kate is more than a hotel—this is a venue, a platform for exploration, connection and expression.

For this reason, we have collaborated with local artists to celebrate artistic expression in all forms and shine a light on the vibrancy of process, the beauty of progress.

Canvas Rooms

Five, unique rooms designed entirely by local artists.

Room Design & Décor

We partnered with local artists to craft objects and décor for all of our guest rooms.

Room Artwork

Carefully curated pieces adorn each wall in our one-of-a-kind spaces.

in Residence

The A.I.R. program at Saint Kate provides working artists with a platform to hone their craft, and gives guests a doorway to interact with our vibrant community.

ARCo Ensemble

As the official Resident Artists Group of Saint Kate, ARCo practices extreme physical theater art—championing the cause of true ensemble work and moves in the direction of Boal, Dario Fo, and Jean Claude van Itallie. Expect dynamic and deliberate, spontaneous and spitfire performances by an accomplished assortment of performers, writers, and conceptualists. If you want to watch them practice their craft, swing by the Arc Theatre or the Artist In Residence space to observe or join in.

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