The Dazzling Printmaking of Judy Pfaff, by Shane McAdams, Shepherd Express

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When I heard Judy Pfaff was showing at the St. Kate–the Arts Hotel, I had immediate visions of whimsical installations. After reading the show’s announcement and gathering that “End of the Rain” (through Nov. 14), curated by J Myszka Lewis & Sona Pastel-Daneshgar, would be based on her printmaking, in particular her work with the Tandem Press in Madison over the past 20 years, I began to manage my expectations. Which as it turns out was unnecessary. The work in the show delivered reminded me of her dazzling proficiency in printmaking and its symbiosis with her sculpture.

The prints at St. Kate have a depth and richness equivalent if dissimilar to her installations. Read more...

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