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Swoon: Tender curated by J Myszka Lewis & Sona Pastel-Daneshgar for Tandem Press

Aug 14–Nov 14, 2021

The Vitrine

An artist known for her large-scale installations, wheat-pasted block prints, and cut paper assemblages, Swoon consistently creates compelling portraits and earnest expressions of what it means to be human. Treating the beautiful as sublime, she explores feelings of sincerity, empathy, and healing as it relates to people, their communities, and their built environment. Swoon: Tender presents a group of emotive portraits that depict individuals in quiet moments of care and connection, reaching out to each other and to the viewer.

Caledonia Curry (b. 1977), who exhibits under the name Swoon, is regarded as the first woman to gain wide recognition in the male-dominated world of street art. Her early interventions in the urban landscape took the form of wheat-pasting portraits to the wall of cities around the world, and her public practice has expanded to using art to rebuild communities and humanize today’s most pressing social and environmental issues. She founded the Heliotrope Foundation in 2015 in order to help communities respond to and heal after natural disasters and other urgent social crises.

In addition to her social and site-specific projects, her studio practice includes drawing, printmaking, architectural sculpture, and installations. Caledonia Curry trained at the Pratt Institute in New York City. Her work has been collected and shown internationally at galleries and museums including the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Brooklyn Museum, the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston, the Detroit Institute of Art, and the Sao Paulo Museum of Art, among many others. Curry is based in Brooklyn, NY.

About Tandem Press:

Tandem Press is a self-funded professional printmaking studio and gallery affiliated with the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Tandem Press hosts internationally renowned artists in its studio space, assisting them as they create original fine art editions. As a gallery, Tandem Press also represents, promotes, and sells the artworks created in the studio both locally through exhibitions and events in Madison, WI and nationally through participation in affiliated exhibitions and several internationally renowned annual art fairs.

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