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Still Life by Jaymee Harvey Willms

Apr 28–Aug 6, 2023

The Vitrine

Jaymee Harvey Willms is a project-based artist, who uses a variety of materials, modalities and conceptual stimuli to create work that investigates sculpture through found and created materials. Her work represents a devastation of selfdom within love, fear, feminism, politics, freedom, poverty, fantasy and survival.

"Still Life" is an investigation into how we as humans move throughout the world and hold trauma, loss, and grief in our everyday interactions.

She explains, “In the years following the stillbirth of my sons, it became apparent that the world continued to move forward, while I felt frozen. The lasting impact of a still life image throughout history is that it is truly a misnomer—life is never still. Life moves, changes and evolves second by second.”

Willms’ installation in the Vitrine at Saint Kate “freezes the rubble and remnants of a house and home that has been emotionally destroyed” but nevertheless looks “robust, chaotic, and full.”

Learn more and follow the artist's process here.

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