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Playing House by Lois Bielefeld & Michelle Grabner

Nov 15–Mar 16, 2020

The Gallery

Lois Bielefeld is a photographer who is known for the performative and narrative nature of her photographs. Her New Domesticity series demonstrates how Bielefeld is thinking about what domesticity looks like today, long after feminism responded to American society’s hyper awareness of gender roles in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Her portraits of artists and those they share their homes with, along with accompanying audio interviews, explore what home and home making can look like.

Michelle Grabner is a Milwaukee-based artist whose body of work focuses on intellectualizing objects that are seen and used every day, as well as common, shared experiences. Much of her work involves abstracting domestic materials, giving them a glorified and elevated presence. This exhibition includes a series of bronze casts of household objects, as well as paintings inspired by gingham fabric. Grabner uses these common household materials as both direct sources for her artwork, as well as an exploration of abstraction.

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