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Fractured Systems: Phoenix S. Brown and Claire Smith

Feb 10–Apr 2, 2023

The Gallery

Contemporary art gives audiences, artists, and curators the opportunity to reinvent, innovate, and fracture.

Fractured Systems features the work of interdisciplinary artist Phoenix S. Brown and fiber artist Claire Smith. Through these extremely generous and vastly different art practices, guests are invited to consider the benefits of fracturing existing systems, modes of thought, and materials to enable new structures and ideas to emerge.

Brown’s use of collage, color, and abstract gestures through drawing and painting allow her to symbolically contemplate socio-economic systems in America. Smith also utilizes alternative modes of representation, instead breaking down and reassembling only found fiber objects; in this way, she disrupts the path the material was meant to take, opting to reconnect and strengthen the fibers, and ultimately subverting and exceeding our expectations of what the material is capable of.

Brown and Smith hint at the transformative potential of art and how its material and conceptual fracturing might apply to larger environmental and socio-economic systems.

Learn more and follow each artist’s process @phoenixisphoenixisphoenix and @flashytrashyart. Read each artist’s full statement and bio here.

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