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Breathing Into Brushes with Jeff Zimpel

Apr 8


Arc Theatre


Imagine paint brushes like never before; roots and sticks that wash up on the shores of Lake Michigan like gifts. Imagine sculptural brushes, dancing in the daylight, backlit and suspended something wonderful. Imagine the languages a brush might speak, and the visions it could mold. Imagine young brushes, mature brushes, and brushes that welcome you into your creative side. Imagine brushes that are as diverse as we are. Imagine brushes that teach you how to paint, and spark a new way of thinking about the magic of mark-making.

Join Artist in Residence, Jeff Zimpel, in a creative approach that illuminates the mission of his Studio Ecology. Enjoy light refreshments in The Arc Theatre during this creative and social workshop, leave your mark on the Artist in Residence studio, and go home with a one-of-a-kind paintbrush sculpture.

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