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EXHIBIT: Lisa Beck

Jun 4


The Gallery

Lisa Beck’s work has always been driven by certain preoccupations and obsessions, that can be seen as divided between the particular and the universal. The particular is shorthand for the observable aspects of reality, the stuff around us like landscapes or our bodies. The universal is shorthand for things that are too vast or too tiny for us to grasp completely, like space or atomic physics, that necessarily become a kind of abstraction. Those are the subjects she thinks about, with an emphasis on the relationship between those subjects—speci cally the place where they meet or interact rather than where they divide.

Lisa is currently exhibiting at The Suburban, a world-renowned gallery that was founded in the Chicago suburb of Oak Park in 1999 which then relocated to Milwaukee in 2015. The Suburban is a project space that honors the tradition of artist directed programs and was founded by Michelle Grabner and Brad Killam.

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