A place to discover. A place to create. 
A place for travelers with open minds, 
a curious nature, and a desire to question. A place for explorers from near and far hungry for an experience.

A place that reminds you to step outside your comfort zone and see things from a beautiful new perspective. A place that connects you to the spirit of creativity pulsing through our community.


Saint Kate is an independent hotel and venue focused on celebrating the arts and the creative process.

Located in the heart of downtown Milwaukee, Saint Kate will open to the public in the late spring of 2019.

Showcase Your Work

Saint Kate is more than a hotel—this is a venue, a platform for exploration, connection and expression.

From music to dance, painting to sculpture, film to poetry and beyond, we celebrate artistic expression in all forms and shine a light on the vibrancy of process, the beauty of progress.

A Platform for the Community

Supporting our local community as much as the out-of-town traveler, we attract seekers—those who wish to engage and participate rather than simply observe and revere.

Creative expression is a tool for connection.

Art is a common thread that unites people from all different backgrounds—an opportunity to build bridges between people and place.

Saint Catherine is our inspiration—the patron saint of artists, the original champion of the creative process.

Saint Kate is the unwavering creative champion. She’s the supporter, the encourager, the instigator.

The one whose confidence makes you feel more confident. The one who tells you: don’t worry about what anyone else thinks, your path is the right path.

And when you doubt yourself, when you wonder whether the creative pursuit is worth it, she’s ready to remind you: there’s beauty in the process. Keep going.